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LendingClub Investor

4.99 usd

As any Lending Club investor knows, available cash is NOT your friend. Now quickly and easily invest that cash in Lending Club notes during commercials, just before bed, on the subway, or even in the bathroom!Features:• Supports multiple investor accounts• Quick sign-in to lending club• Browse and order notes (yes, really!) • Create custom filters • Saved sort preferences • Quick fill orders• Assign ordered lending club notes to portfolios
Important: This app is designed to be used on Lending Club's primary note purchasing platform ONLY. It will not work for secondary market or "Folio" investors.
Note: The creator of this app, LaunchZero LLC, is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Lending Club. However, we LOVE Lending Club and want to continue to develop and maintain this app - your purchase helps us do exactly that!
*If selected, passwords are encrypted and saved on your device ONLY - they are never sent anywhere except directly to Lending Club.